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Bypass the Drama of Service Blackouts and Get an Antenna

  August 13, 2019  •  News  |  Megan Southard

The number of blackouts on cable and satellite in 2019 doubled from a few years ago, with more than 200 instances of viewers being unable to access local broadcast channels on their pay TV service. As of last week, AT&T dropped 14 CBS-owned stations off of the company’s satellite, internet, and cable TV services and is also in a standoff with Nexstar. Dish Network is fighting over carrying regiona... Read more

How to stream the 2019 NFL Season

  Aug 9, 2019  •  News
Diehard NFL fans who want to watch their favorite teams have a few options to stream the games live this season. Cordcutter... Read more

AMC Networks’ Brief Lapse in Security Affects 1.6m Subscribers

  Jul 10, 2019  •  News
Names, emails, and subscription plan details of Sundance NOW and Shudder subscribers were found unprotected in a publicly a... Read more

New Streaming Service BET+ Launches this Fall

  Jul 2, 2019  •  News
Viacom announced a powerful partnership with Tyler Perry Studios to launch a new streaming service called BET+ this fall. Per... Read more

Broadband Access Drives Changes to Entertainment Model

  Jun 20, 2019  •  News
As American consumers favor new forms of entertainment, it’s shifting the broader media landscape. Cordcutting is the most... Read more

Ubisoft Launches New Streaming Service

  Jun 18, 2019  •  News
Joining the seemingly endless roster of streaming services, Ubisoft announced this week that will join the fray in Septembe... Read more

Free TV is on the Rise

  Jun 13, 2019  •  News
As is inevitable when a trend really starts taking hold, naysayers are coming out of the woodwork about cordcutting. Recent... Read more

The Death of iTunes

  Jun 7, 2019  •  News
After much speculation and a lot of emergency backups this week, Apple announced at the WWDC that iTunes won’t go away so m... Read more

American Ban on Huawei Equipment Affects More Than Technology Companies

  Jun 4, 2019  •  News
Chinese telecom giant Huawei is the world’s largest telecom supplier and second largest smartphone manufacturer. Due to the c... Read more

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