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AT&T Has Finally Acquired Time Warner - Now What?

  June 15, 2018  •  News  |  Patricia Howard

In spite of the misgivings of the United States Department of Justice, a Federal judge approved the AT&T acquisition of Time Warner on Tuesday. The deal was finalized on Thursday amidst talk of an appeal by the Department of Justice, who initially denied the acquisition due to antitrust issues. The source of their concern hinged on the power that AT&T would be able to wield over competitors who... Read more

Plex makes you feel like the Great and Powerful Oz

  Jun 12, 2018  •  News
On my Roku, the Plex channel description reads, “Plex magically organizes your video, music, and photo libraries and stream... Read more

Will the Apple TV App Be the Future of Entertainment?

  Jun 11, 2018  •  News
Cable boxes have turned into a serious point of contention for cable companies already struggling to compete with the portabi... Read more

Hulu Overhauls its Management - Subscribers Could be Seeing Major Changes

  Jun 5, 2018  •  News
According to a Friday article released by the Los Angeles Times, Hulu is making waves in its executive pool, and they cou... Read more

Political Interference May Disrupt AT&T’s Time Warner Acquisition

  Jun 4, 2018  •  News
A ruling on the $85.4 billion dollar proposed acquisition of Time Warner by AT&T could come as soon as June 12. The case is b... Read more

AT&T Watch on Hold Until a Time Warner Decision is Reached

  Jun 1, 2018  •  News
AT&T has announced its intention to hold off on the release of their newest streaming service, aptly named AT&T Watch, until... Read more

Voice Technology will Determine the Top Entertainment Platform

  May 25, 2018  •  News
Imagine you arrive home at the end of a long day. The outside lights are on to greet you. As you enter the house, the tempera... Read more

The Obamas Will Make their Streaming Debut with Netflix

  May 23, 2018  •  News
On Monday, Netflix announced that they’d be teaming up with the former first family to produce a possible film, series, doc... Read more

Big User Experience Changes Coming to Hulu

  May 22, 2018  •  News
It’s been a busy week at one of the world’s top ten direct-to-consumer entertainment brands, as Hulu announced changes to t... Read more