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Comcast Will Offer Netflix in an Effort to Offset Subscriber Losses

If you can’t beat them join them. The company has announced its intention to offer a Netflix subscription with certain Xfinity cable packages.

Comcast is adopting an “if you can’t beat them join them,” mentality with a new attempt to entice and keep subscribers. The company has announced its intention to offer a Netflix subscription with certain Xfinity cable packages using the X1 platform to new and old users.

According to a report by the Washington Post, a Comcast spokeswoman was unable to clarify whether or not this partnership would lower the price of Netflix for subscribers.

"Netflix is an important supplement to the content offering on X1, and the ability to include Netflix in our packages will offer more choice, value and flexibility to customers," the spokeswoman said.

She went on to say that the use of Netflix by Comcast subscribers would count against the data caps of internet customers, likening the streaming service to “any other app.” With the majority of Americans enjoying their streaming services through players like Roku, game systems and smart TVs, the availability of Netflix through cable is anticlimactic.

This is the first time that a billing partnership of this kind has been introduced, and industry analysts believe that it will only have minimal benefits for Comcast. Netflix, on the other hand, stands to gain access to a new subscriber base through the cable giant.

Bill Holmes, global head of business development for Netflix, expressed his excitement, saying, “We can’t wait to introduce more X1 customers to Netflix with Xfinity’s new packaged offers.” The deal signifies an olive branch between the two previously feuding companies, but consumers remain skeptical of its value. Without a significant discount, the incentive to keep a cable provider for access to streaming services is poor at best.

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