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Get More Channels Than You Think with an Antenna

  March 19, 2019  •  Information  |  Megan Southard

If you haven’t taken the leap to watching over-the-air TV with an antenna, you’re missing out on a fortune in free programming. Cable and satellite providers don’t offer every channel that a station broadcasts, so you’re in for a surprise when you install an antenna and see channels you didn’t even know existed. For every main channel, there are 1-4 sub-channels with additional content. You mi... Read more

Why You Should Jailbreak Your Amazon Fire TV Stick

  Mar 12, 2019  • 
Amazon’s portable, inexpensive Fire TV Stick gets even better and more capable when you jailbreak it. The Amazon Fire TV S... Read more

#SaveTheInternet - Another Attempt to Restore Net Neutrality

  Mar 8, 2019  •  News
Democrats in House and Senate introduced a bill this week to restore FCC authority to force internet service providers (ISPs)... Read more

Reviewing Philo’s Streaming Service: Great UI & Inexpensive

  Mar 7, 2019  •  Review
Updated: 3/7/2019. This story has been updated to reflect recent changes to service offerings. Philo's streaming service... Read more

Buy an Antenna Instead of CBS All Access

  Mar 5, 2019  •  Review
After trying a subscription of the over-the-top service from CBS, my conclusion is that it costs more than it’s worth. The... Read more

Tips to Cutting the Cord on a Tight Budget

  Mar 2, 2019  •  Information
Cord cutting is always associated with being on a budget, or saving money. However for some on very limited budgets, even th... Read more

The Best Ways to Watch Kids’ Shows on TV and Streaming

  Feb 28, 2019  •  Information
Thanks to advanced streaming technology, there’s a lot more family-friendly programming for kids than ever before. As a paren... Read more

Umbrella Academy Reigns as Most Binge-Watched Show of the Week

  Feb 26, 2019  •  Original Content
Netflix’s latest original series is based on a comic book about superheroes trying to stop the end of the world. There’s a f... Read more

The difference between Live Streaming TV and On Demand TV

  Feb 22, 2019  •  Information
The number of acronyms and terms used in the streaming and cordcutting circles can make cutting the cord seem elaborate. That... Read more

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