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If you’re on the fence about cord cutting, start with an antenna

  June 28, 2019  •  Information  |  Megan Southard

So you’ve read a lot about cutting the cord, and your neighbor keeps bugging you about it. It might seem like a lot of trouble or research, and you’re just not sure. Take the first step by installing an HD antenna. It is the easiest decision you’ll make when cutting the cord. Before you get all tangled up in deciding if you need a skinny bundle streaming service or a DVR, venture into the world of... Read more

Expect Next Gen TV in Top 40 Television Markets This Year

  Apr 18, 2019  •  Information
Consumers can expect to watch broadcast TV with a stunning 4K HDR picture and high-quality audio for free with an antenna in... Read more

NoCable joins the FlexVU coalition to promote cord cutting

  Nov 14, 2018  •  Information
More television viewers are abandoning cable and satellite subscriptions every day for lower prices. Taking control of their... Read more

Cord Cutters Need to Scan Channels Periodically for Two Years

  Aug 7, 2018  •  News
Technology has changed a lot since the beginning of the decade. Some TV broadcast stations will be moving to new frequencies... Read more

Privacy Concerns a Dark Shadow over the ATSC 3.0 TV Standard

  Apr 23, 2018  •  News
I wrote about the newly FCC-approved ATSC 3.0 broadcasting standard a few weeks ago. More commonly known as Next Gen TV, the... Read more

ATSC 3.0: The Next Generation OTA TV Launches in Late 2018

  Mar 9, 2018  •  News
This month, broadcasters got a green light from the FCC to begin rolling out a new over-the-air TV standard. The update to t... Read more

What will change when OTA upgrades to ATSC 3.0?

  Jan 24, 2018  •  News
Highlights: South Korea already implemented ATSC 3.0, but the US transition is undetermined. You will be able to use your... Read more