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Hack the Amazon Fire TV Screensaver

  October 15, 2019  •  Information  |  Megan Southard

The very first screensavers were designed to protect computer monitors from having the same image displayed for so long that it burned a permanent ghost image on the Cathode Ray Tube. What began as a functional solution quickly became a fun way to express your creativity. If you own the easy to use Amazon Fire TV, leaving the menu screen idle for too long still launches a screensaver. The Fir... Read more

Amazon Fire TV Recast Lets You Watch and Record Broadcast Shows at Home and On the Go

  Dec 17, 2018  •  Information
Amazon launched its newest product in the Fire TV line just in time for holiday sales this year. Fire TV Recast is a DVR th... Read more

The Best Gift Giving Guide for Cord Cutters 2018

  Nov 19, 2018  •  Information
It’s that time again! Holiday cookies, your favorite feel good movies, and all the presents you can buy! If that sounded a... Read more

Pluto TV is the (Free) Streaming Service for Channel Surfers

  Oct 12, 2018  •  Review
Pluto TV is the perfect streaming service if you want to surf channels and just watch what’s on. Admit it, even though your... Read more

Is Amazon’s Newest DVR a Potential Flop?

  Sep 25, 2018  •  News
There are times when a company becomes so accustomed to success that it gets a little overconfident. This may be the case wit... Read more

Resistance is Futile - Reviewing the Amazon Fire TV Cube

  Jun 19, 2018  •  Review
Amazon is launching the first hands-free streaming media player, the Fire TV Cube. Shipping on this revolutionary product s... Read more

The Sideclick Remote is the $30 Solution You Need Now

  May 8, 2018  •  Review
Given a choice, I’ll always opt to watch TV through Roku. Like many people though, I sometimes struggle to all of the remot... Read more

Philo TV Everywhere Platform Expanding to Apple TV and Fire TV

  May 4, 2018  •  News
Philo is the most affordable multichannel live TV streaming service on the market, coming in at only $16/month. The price po... Read more

The Secret Behind “Jailbreaking”

  Mar 6, 2018  •  News
Living life dangerously? Maybe you’ve got a friend-of-a-friend who knows a guy that knows a guy that can get you the fabled “... Read more

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