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The Roku Channel adds Fubo Sports Network to the lineup

  September 4, 2019  •  News  |  Megan Southard

Viewers will see a new offering on the Roku Channel this week. The newly added fubo Sports Network covers sporting events live with talk shows and includes sports-related entertainment. The fubo Sports Network is a product of the sports-focused streaming service, fuboTV. The new channel is the first external channel that the streaming service designed for distribution outside of the fuboTV platf... Read more

How to stream the 2019 NFL Season

  Aug 9, 2019  •  News
Diehard NFL fans who want to watch their favorite teams have a few options to stream the games live this season. Cordcutter... Read more

Why are all the Streaming Services Increasing Their Prices?

  Jul 9, 2018  •  News
Price hikes were the norm for cable companies because many of us didn’t have alternatives and canceling was too hard. But sud... Read more

fuboTV brings NBCUniversal's coverage of Olympic Winter Games

  Feb 7, 2018  •  News
NoCable reviewed fuboTV about a year ago. Back then it was just starting out, had viewing glitches and mostly soccer (futba... Read more

fuboTV reaches an agreement to carry NESN

  Nov 15, 2017  •  News
Fubo TV recently announced an agreement to carry NESN, one of the most popular regional sports networks in the country, an... Read more

FuboTV Continues to add Fox Affiliates to Streaming Service

  Nov 2, 2017  •  News
After launching two Fox Affiliates last week, fuboTV announced that it just launched FOX in 12 new markets today. This br... Read more

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