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#SaveTheInternet - Another Attempt to Restore Net Neutrality

  March 8, 2019  •  News  |  Megan Southard

Democrats in House and Senate introduced a bill this week to restore FCC authority to force internet service providers (ISPs) to treat all web traffic with the same priority, rather than unfairly blocking or throttling for profit or competitive advantage. It also required transparency from ISPs regarding the specific features of consumer broadband connections. The legislation was introduced in 2... Read more

What's happened in the three months since Net Neutrality was repealed?

  Sep 12, 2018  •  News
Advocates of Net Neutrality say they're not giving up in their quest to overturn the FCC's decision to repeal the rules. O... Read more

Net Neutrality to End June 11 Amidst Ongoing Controversy

  May 14, 2018  •  News
Last Thursday, Reuters reported the release of a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) document stating that a date has f... Read more

Say Goodnight to Net Neutrality

  May 11, 2018  •  Opinion
The FCC announced that current net neutrality rules will expire June 11, 2018. As a last-ditch effort to reinstate the prot... Read more

Understanding Net Neutrality and its Importantance

  Dec 4, 2017  •  Opinion
Net neutrality is an important principle that forms the bedrock of how we, as Americans, utilize the Internet (and it is als... Read more

Net Neutrality: Why Cord Cutters Should Care

  Nov 26, 2017  •  News
After signaling that it would for months, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Tuesday revealed its plan to... Read more