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Four TVs you can Control with Alexa

  July 4, 2019  •  Information  |  Megan Southard

If you’ve had an accident and your TV remote is suddenly unavailable, there are a few life hacks you can try. Amazon’s smart assistant, Alexa, is an easy workaround and may become your preferred method after you give it a spin. A four-legged friend decided we should change the channel, so we opted to use a remote that’s not so chewy. TV manufacturers like LG, Sony, Samsung, and Vizio recently... Read more

Voice Technology will Determine the Top Entertainment Platform

  May 25, 2018  •  News
Imagine you arrive home at the end of a long day. The outside lights are on to greet you. As you enter the house, the tempera... Read more

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cord-Cutting

  Jan 5, 2018  •  News
Artificial Intelligence is still a term that has the ability to create an attitude of pensive adjustment. Films like The Term... Read more