TV without Cable

Over 90% of households can get free over-the-air TV. Can you?

Did you know that over-the-air TV has benefits that go way beyond saving money?

Recent studies have shown that over 90% of the US population is within range to stream free over-the-air HD television.
The average US household's cable bill is $123. This means you can save over $1,400 a year by simply dropping Cable TV.
Cable companies are allowed to downgrade their service by 30% to save on transmission costs. OTA doesn't have this problem.

The Cost Savings are Real

With a quality antenna, and a few streaming packages, you will save at least $4,700 over 4 years!

  • Cable companies usually reel you in with a great promotional discount... then drastically raise it for year 2.

  • Cable companies typically raise their prices on average by 6% per year.

  • Most households will only ever need to purchase a quality TV antenna and a streaming media player like Roku (about $150 total).

  • There is no crappy Cable company customer service people to deal with :)

TV Antenna Comparison Guide

We have reviewed them all and handpicked out our favorite home TV antennas.

 Indoor 30-mile
Channels within a 25 mile radius

Compare 25 mile Antennas

These indoor antennas are smaller, cheaper and typically not amplified. They however do not work very well when channels are being broadcast further than 30+ miles away from your home.

Compare 25 mile Antennas
 Indoor Amp'd 50-mile
Channels within a 50 mile radius

Compare 50 mile Antennas

These indoor antennas very similar to the 30 mile ones, but are usually amplified (boosted) with power. They work best when trying to capture channels that are being broadcast within 50 miles of your home.

Compare 50 mile Antennas
 Long Range
Channels within a 65+ mile radius

Compare Long Range Antennas

These outdoor antennas are typically mounted on a roof or inside an attic. These powerful antennas work best if the channels you are attempting to capture are 50-80 miles away from your home.

Compare Long Range Antennas

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