NoCable TV Antenna Channels

Over-the-Air DTV Channel Report for:

Beauceville, QC Canada  

Likely  50/50  Challenging  Don't even try    

 WARNING: These results are only an estimate and every home is unique in terms of its terrain, obstacles, and installation details which will impact reception.

 CHMG INDEPENDENTQubec, QC 9 NW(45 miles) 186 Mhz
 CHMG INDEPENDENTQuébec, QC 9 NW(24 miles) 186 Mhz
 CIVQ-DT Télé-QuébecQuébec, QC 15 NW(24 miles) 476 Mhz
 CIVQ INDEPENDENTQubec, QC 15 NNW(45 miles) 476 Mhz
 CFCM-DT TVAQuébec, QC 17 NW(25 miles) 488 Mhz
 CFCM TVAQubec, QC 17 NNW(45 miles) 488 Mhz
 CKMI-DT GTNQuébec, QC 20 NW(31 miles) 506 Mhz
 CKMI INDEPENDENTQubec, QC 20 NW(53 miles) 506 Mhz
 CBVT-DT CBCQuébec, QC 25 NW(31 miles) 536 Mhz
 CBVT-AX1 INDEPENDENTQubec, QC 25 NW(53 miles) 536 Mhz
 CFAP VQubec, QC 35 NNW(45 miles) 596 Mhz
 CFAP-DT VQuébec, QC 39 NW(24 miles) 620 Mhz

TV Antenna Comparison Guide

Different TV antennas for different situations


View the NoCable 30

These indoor antennas are smaller, cheaper and typically not amplified. They however do not work very well when channels are being broadcast further than 20-30 miles away from your home.

Our NoCable 30 is ranked #1 at

 Indoor Amp'd

View the NoCable 50

These indoor antennas very similar to the indoor ones, but are usually amplified (boosted) with power. They work best when trying to capture channels that are being broadcast within 30-50 miles of your home.

Our NoCable 50 is ranked #1 at

 Outdoor Amp'd

View the NoCable 70

These outdoor antennas have better range (30-70+ miles) and are typically mounted on a roof or inside an attic. These powerful antennas work best if when you need one antenna to power your whole home.

Our NoCable 70 is ranked #2 at