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Clarks Point, AK 99569  

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We were unable to find any internet service providers for this area.

Streaming Internet Requirements

Most VOD streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc.) or Live TV streaming services will work with DSL connections, but will be choppy at times. You certainly will not be able to get uninterrupted HD-quality TV on this level of internet. Cable and Fiber are by far your best options.

It is also highly advisable to get a quality wireless router that suits your home, especially if you plan on watching sports.

How fast does my Interent need to be?

The average internet speed in America is around 12 Mbps. If you are the only one in your home, and will only stream shows occasionally, then any internet speed will do for you (except dial-up!). However, if you have kids streaming alongside the parents, you will need 10 Mbps or more for a decent quality streaming experience. These speeds are only available with premium ISPs like Cable (ugh), DSL or Fios (fiber).

 Bandwidth Limits

One thing that typically hidden in most broadband contracts is that they have bandwidth caps that can easily be breached if your household watches a lot of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or any of the others. It is definitely important to look into this before choosing an ISP. Most of the time once you go over your allotted bandwidth amount, you will be charged for overages.

Example: My household of 5 (kids & adults) will usually go through between 250 and 450GB of traffic a month.

 Streaming Media Players
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In order to watch shows and movies on services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO Go, you will need a streaming device and an internet connection.

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