Best DVR Recording Devices

We've hand-picked these DVRs for broadcast TV in 2019 from personal experience & in-depth research. Enjoy!
Best DVR
Priciest, but best quality
    • Manufacturer Specifications:
    • Only compatible with quality OTA antennas
    • Record four shows at once and up to 150 hours of HD programming
    • Integrates access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, VUDU & more
  • Editor's Review: "This device is really, really good. With all the features and upgrades TiVo has added recently, this is the Tablo killer I've been waiting for."
 Better DVR
Solid product
    • Manufacturer Specifications:
    • NO HDMI with Tablo's Wi-Fi wireless broadcast of content
    • Watch, Record, Pause, and Stream Free Broadcast HDTV Channels
    • Tablets, Laptops, FireTV, AppleTV, Roku, Android & iPhones, Chromecast, more
  • Editor's Review: "This is a great purchase for the standard cable cutter. Takes a bit of work to get it setup, but the DVR portion of the system works as expected."
 Budget DVR
Cool features, entry-level device
    • Manufacturer Specifications:
    • Works with our HDHomeRun DVR software so you can watch, pause and record
    • Watch and record in full 1080p resolution
    • Stream your HD broadcast TV via WiFi
  • Editor's Review: "The HDHomeRun Connect is popular with all our readers, as well it should be. It has a great feature set at a decent price."

While we strive to provide the best information above, it is still important that you do your own product research before making a purchase.