Best Long Range Outdoor HDTV Antennas

Our experts hand-picked these antennas in 2018 from personal experience & in-depth research. Enjoy!
60-100 mile Antenna
Long Range & Compact
    • Manufacturer Specifications:
    • Highest rated long range HDTV outdoor antenna available
    • Sleek & Compact Advanced Design
    • One antenna powers the whole house!
  • Editor's Review: "This is the highest rated long range antenna on the market. It comes in a compact sleek design that is un-heard of for long range antennas." Full Review »
 60-150 mile Antenna
Long Range & Longest Shot
    • Manufacturer Specifications:
    • Full HDTV Support: 720p, 1080i, 1080p
    • 360 degree rotation
    • 150 mile range only possible with perfect conditions on a pole ~50ft above ground
  • Editor's Review: "Unbelievable price for a long range antenna. I don't have the ability to test it at an extreme range, but the reviews on this product are all positive."
 65-100 mile Antenna
Decent Range & Exceptional Quality
    • Manufacturer Specifications:
    • 33ft coaxial cable supplied
    • 4K UHD Quality ready
    • Amplified with a built-in 4G LTE filter
  • Editor's Review: "The UFO is an interesting shape, but man does it work. The thing is just quality all around from the antenna to the cables to the amplifier." Full Review »

After reviewing many outdoor long-range TV antennas throughout the last year, NoCable has decided to recommend the three listed above. These long-range outdoor antennas are the best-of-the-best, and we have personally reviewed each one before making these recommendations.

The BEST Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna is...

By far, our favorite Long Range HD TV Antenna is Free Signal TV's Marathon. This outdoor (or attic) antenna is the best on the market and will not let you down. It is powerful enough to capture TV broadcast signals from 60 to 100 miles away, and I have not once had an issue with the picture getting choppy or going out. Mohu creates a quality product, and it shows in how it performs with this outdoor antenna.

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The Marathon antenna was personally reviewed by me in April 2017, and received the highest rating possible (5 out of 5).

While we strive to provide the best information above, it is still important that you do your own product research before making a purchase.