10 Reasons to Dump Cable TV Today!

Q&A from our 'Learn about OTA' series.

We all hate paying that damn cable bill every month. We hate dealing with their customer service, their yearly increases and all their garbage channels that we never watch. Today can be the day you decide to let that all go.

It’s soooo much easier than you think!

Scroll down to see the top 10 reasons to do it today:

10. DTV Antennas are cheap (and small)!

Our top rated 50-mile (and by far the most popular) DTV antenna is around $40 on Amazon. That is about half of the typical US household’s monthly cable bill. It is also small and light enough that it could probably be shipped in a manilla envelope (but it’s not).

  Use our lookup tool to find the free HD channels available in your area and perfect antenna for your home!

9. You already have the Internet.

You already have the internet. When you dump cable and switch to streaming Hulu, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, a good Internet package is all you really need. At least you will use 100% of that bill (unlike with cable because…).

8. 90% of all cable channels go unwatched.

Yeah, you knew this one. You page through your Guide and 10-channel page by 10-channel page you see absolutely nothing you want to watch. Most channels aren’t put there because the cable companies think you might like them… it’s because they have to.

7. Cable degrades your service!

This one blew my mind when I learned about it. Cable companies are actually ALLOWED to degrade the service they send you to help them save on transmission costs! Seriously… They charge you on average $123 a month for channels you don’t want and give you worse quality than if you just put up your own antenna. Wow.

6. Sports, TV Guide and DVR are no longer hurdles.

The MLB.tv, NHL.tv, NoCable TV Guide and Hulu services take care of all that for you. Hulu allows you to watch TV shows the next day. All national sports leagues have their own streaming service and we replace your “TV guide”.

5. It just feels good!

Between the ever-raising bills and shitty customer service… you know it will just feel good to call Comcast up and say “I’m Done!”.

4. Netflix, Hulu & Amazon have great original shows.

All major streaming services actually commission their own original shows now. No longer do you need cable channels for great original programming.

3. Your TV most likely already accepts OTA TV.

Aside from a DTV antenna, your TV most likely will need nothing else to watch free over-the-air TV. TVs made before 2007 need a cheap device called a digital converter.

2. Most of your cable bill is likely from “leasing” their hardware.

I am being charged $15 a month for my DVR and $10 a month for the little contracptions needed for my other 2 TVs. Before you know it, my cable bill is double what the advertised price was because of these damn “lease” charges.

1. You can save over $1,400 a year!

Enough said here… If you can save over $1,400 a year, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t consider dropping cable today.