Can I connect two TVs to one Antenna?

Q&A from our 'Learn about OTA' series.

The average US household has between 2 and 3 TV sets. Not surprisingly, this is one of the most pages on the site. Everyone wants to save money by dropping cable, so it is no surpise that peole also want to use a single antenna to power multiple TVs at once. I am here to tell you that it is absolutely possible. It is pretty simple, and below explains how to exactly do it.


In addition to your Antenna, you will need:

  • An RF splitter:
    • Purchase a 2-way splitter if connecting antenna to 2 TVs
    • Purchase a 3-way splitter if connecting to 3 TVs
    • HINT! Don't cheap out on these. Quality really does matter!
  • Coaxial Cables - You will need either 3 or 4, depending how many TVs you are connecting.


1. Mount your antenna in an central location

This means putting it in a central location between all your TVs and free from any obstacles.

2. Connect the RF splitter to your antenna

Connect the single output of the RF splitter to your antenna with a coaxial cables.

3. Connect the other RF splitter outputs to your TVs

Run a coaxial cables from each output to each TV.

4. Test

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