Antenna & TV Compatibility Guide for Pre-2007 TVs

Most major brand flat screen TVs manufactured after 2006 support ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) digital tuners. ATSC is used to receive digital channels over the air. Your TV must have a digital tuner in order to use one of our antennas.

One way to easily see if your 2007-and-beyond TV has a tuner is by looking at it’s name. If it is labeled as a “TV”, then it likely has a digital tuner. Actually, it is required to have one by Federal law. If you television is labeled as a “Display”, then likely it does NOT have a digital tuner. Vizio has a line of SmartCast TV’s without tuners installed, so beware!

One other way is to look on the front and back of your TV set for a sticker or marking that mentions a digital tuner. It may say something like “DTV,” “HDTV,” “ATSC,” “Digital Tuner,” “Digital Receiver,” “Integrated Digital Tuner,” or “Digital Tuner Built In.”
We have compiled a list of TVs that are NOT COMPATIBLE with our antennas. If your TV is not listed here, we would suggest you check it’s manual for an existence of a digital tuner.

TVs without a Digital Tuner

  • Vizio SmartCast TV

I have one… So now what?
Almost all TVs manufactured after 2006 have a built-in digital tuner, or more specifically an ATSC tuner, for receiving over-the-air TV broadcasts. HD TV’s that do not have an ATSC tuner, and older picture tube TVs, require a Digital Converter Box. The antenna cable plugs into the converter box, the box is then connected to the TV RF/Antenna input using coaxial cable.