Get Your Antenna or TV Professionally Installed

Actually, these tips can help you get anything done around the house from installing your brand new TV to fixing up your outside landscaping.

Installing an antenna is not a terribly difficult task for some of us. However, what if you either don’t have the skills to do it or are simply too busy to take this small project on? Here are a few of the more popular ways you can find a local handyman that can get your TV, antenna, Roku, and anything else installed.

1. Craigslist

You can hop on over to your area’s Craigslist page to find an area handyman. Scroll down to Services > Household. From there, search for terms like “handyman” and “electrical contractor“.

Since this is Craigslist, and there is little to no verification from the site to ensure that the handyman can actually do what he/she says, please be sure to properly vet anyone you contact through Craigslist. This means asking for references and making sure their insurance is up-to-date. This will likely be the most inexpensive way to get your antenna installed.

2. Amazon Home Services

Amazon has recently rolled out a product called Home Services that tasks Amazon with finding an experienced handyman for you.

In order for a service provider to be accepted into the Amazon Home Services program, they need to go through some extensive hurdles, which include:

  • Being Invited. Amazon only allows a home services pro into their program if they have a strong track record of quality service. Amazon also performs exhaustive searches, interviews and reference checks before ever recommending a pro.
  • Comprehensive Vetting. Amazon requires comprehensive background checks for all its pros. They must also pass a 6-point criminal background check to be allowed to travel to your home.
  • Licensed & Insurance Required. Amazon requires all their professionals maintain and keep current all required trade licenses and insurance policies.

3. TaskRabbit


TaskRabbit is an app-based service in the same mold as Uber. TaskRabbit allows you to input your task and location into the app and get instant connections to “taskers” that can work ASAP. TaskRabbit is nice that it takes the hassle out of a few items for you, including payments (you pay through the app) and vetting of the contractor. Taskers undergo an extensive background check and in-person onboarding before joining the TaskRabbit community. TaskRabbit says that all their Taskers are professional, highly rated, and always ready to lend a hand.

The largest problem with TaskRabbit is their current coverage area. They cover a good amount of the major cities across the US, but if you live in a rural to semi-rural area, chances are that they will not be able to help.