Ultimate Cord Cutting Guide 2020

This guide will answer the questions "How do I watch TV without Cable?" and "How to cut the Cable Cord"

Local Channels (CBS, ABC, NBC & Fox)

This part is really easy, and exactly why NoCable.org exists. Just plug your address into our homepage and it will tell you the EXACT antenna that will work for your area. We provide you a channel list and the recommended DTV antenna for anyone within 80 miles of a broadcast tower.

It couldn’t be any easier!!

Movies & Cable Channels

With the help of a Roku, you will be able to watch any movies or network shows (without the need of a DVR!) you want. The three most popular streaming services are Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix.

My family recently subscribed to SlingTV, with mixed reviews. Yes, it is great to see some of the channels I’ve missed once I cut Cable like CNN and Nickelodeon, but it comes at a cost that is eerily similar to Cable. $20 gets you the lowest package and you are forced to pay for channels that I will likely never use (I’m looking at you Bloomberg TV, AXS.tv and ESPN3). We currently use Sling TV, but there are many other services similar, like SelectTV and the new Amazon Channels.

Broadband Internet

Internet is a tricky one. Not because its hard to get (most of the US has broadband available), but beacuse some ISPs impose tricky bandwidth overages. It would be wise to check with your local Internet Service Provider to see what their limits are. Just for a frame of reference, my family of 5 goes throgh about 300GB a month of Internet.


Replacing your local sports channels is a little more difficult, but the best way I have found is by using an online service called ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN allows me to “mask” where my home is with an IP address that is not registered to my local area. This allows you to watch your home team without blackout restrictions.