How to watch sports without Cable TV

You absolutely can watch local sports without cable!

Many people struggle with getting rid of cable because of their favorite local sports teams. Aside from the NFL (which has all its games on CBS, NBC or Fox), all other major sports are only available on Cable TV, and not accessible via over-the-air TV signals.

Thankfully, there are still ways around this. They might take a few extra steps on your part to make it happen, but overall you should still have the same viewing experience (maybe even better) than what you had before with cable.

Streaming to the Rescue

If you purchased a streaming device like Roku or ChromeCast, you more than likely also have the ability to subscribe to NHL.TV (used to be NHL Gamecenter), MLB.TV or NBA League Pass. These sports streaming channels cost on average around $100 a season.

The problem with these services is that they blackout in-market games (i.e. You live within the market of the team you want to watch) so that you HAVE to use cable to watch them. There is however a way around it, enter a the god-send service ExpressVPN!

VPN Services

Services like ExpressVPN or allow you to "mask" your home wifi address to make it look like you are from a different part of the country, thus removing you from your sports blackout restrictions.

Removing Blackout Restrictions

* If you want to consider a different VPN service, you can view a more complete list here.

ExpressVPN is my favorite because it costs around $8 a month and has apps for most major streaming devices. So assuming you spend $160 a year for the sports channel and ExpressVPN, you are still saving over $1,200 on average over the typical cable bill!

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