Use to reach your customers with our innovative sponsorship placements

These are the sponsorship spots available on this site. Please see our media kit for more general visitor information.

  • A 2 month commitment for these sponsorships is required due to the setup time needed.
  • Discounts are available for 12 month agreements.
  • Creative banner help is available for an additional cost.

 Current Location Sponsorship

$1,200 per month

38,000+ monthly pageviews; 26,000+ monthly unique visitors

  • Includes sponsorship of 1 page, used when visitors opt to have us "find" their location.
  • 1 available, no rotation. 100% Takeover
  • 300x250 banner
  • Has a higher than normal CTR
  • "Brought to you by" attribution under tagline
    • includes company name and link to website.
  • "Retrieving Location..." popup lasts for 4 seconds before redirecting user to their page

 News Sponsorship

$200 per week

  • Includes top banner sponsorship of all news articles
  • 1 available, no rotation. 100% Takeover
  • 728x90 (desktop), 320x50 (mobile)
  • Great for product launches and quick announcements

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