2018 Cord Cutting Survey Open – Responses Needed!

This survey is one of the sources of data for our annual State of Cord Cutting report, due out in January 2018.

Last year, our 2017 State of Cord Cutting report was an overwhelming hit with marketers, industry publications and everyone in between. This year, we are doing it again (for 2018), and we again need your help to figure out where Cord Cutting stands in the cacophony of Cable TV news.


We are again incentivizing our readers to participate by offering up some pretty awesome prizes. A submission gets you one entry into the drawing (being done on December 28th, 2017). Each entry has the chance to win one of our three top prizes (more may be added later depending on the number of submissions we get).


This survey will close automatically December 24th (Christmas Eve), so please hurry and submit – one per person please. Every submission helps NoCable deliver more accurate and relevant information to the Cord Cutting community, which in turn further advances our mission for a free and useful TV service for all.

Thank you!

Chris Cagle


Article Author

Chris and his wife started NoCable back in 2015 because they wanted to cut the cord, but there were no resources that provided exactly what they needed.

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