Actual Cord Cutters Report Massive Savings

Cord cutters are paying a significant amount less each month than those still clinging to their outdated cable packages

In a new report released by Fortune Magazine a survey of actual cord cutters shows them saving an average of $85 a month per household. This number differs from the less personal reports released by the Wall Street Journal that claimed that cord cutting did very little financially for those who ended their relationships with cable TV.

The research firm “cg42” surveyed 3,385 consumers, asking them what they paid for their cable free streaming services—including their internet packages. On average, these consumers paid around $118 per month total. This number was compared to another survey of those who were still totally dependent on cable providers for both television and internet packages. That number came out to around $203 per month—which gave cord cutters an $85 average in savings.

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The inaccurate numbers portrayed by Wall Street are often influenced by the factoring in of “promotional” cable prices and the exclusion of what cable subscribers are paying for their internet services. When evaluated against those who have cut the cord, pay for several streaming packages, and who also provide their own internet services, the price only paid for basic cable may seem like a bargain. What they fail to take into account are the consistently inflated prices for premium channels, equipment services, the internet, and other “bundles.”

Cord cutters are, in reality, paying a significant amount less each month for their entertainment and internet services than those still clinging to their outdated cable packages. Even with the inflated cost of broadband internet services, cord cutting still provides a financially sound option for those who want quality content at a fraction of the price.

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