Alexa, Help me Cut the Cord

Use our new Amazon Alexa skill to help you cut the cord from Cable TV!

Late last year, I wrote how I wanted to help promote NoCable and Cord Cutting in general with third party apps on various platforms such as iOS, Android and Amazon. Last week, we finally released our first in that series: The NoCable Amazon Alexa Skill

This skill will help anyone with a goal of cutting the Cable TV cord, or those that have already done so and need a few help identifying channels.
To get started, you need to have an Amazon Echo device. This can be either the Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Show or the Echo Dot. Here is a handy list of all of them, and their current prices:

If you already have one of those, head over to either, or to your Alexa app, and ask her to install the NoCable Skill. You can either search inside the app, or simply ask Alexa to do it for you.

Once installed, you can our skill things like:

Alexa, ask my antenna which direction it needs installed.

Alexa, ask my antenna for NBC’s channel.

Alexa, ask my antenna how to install itself.

We plan on adding more functionality as usage grows and time allows, but we feel this is a fantastic start. We will post on this blog if we’ve added any major functionality such as TV listing data or a cord cutting news brief. Like I said, we have some big plans for this skill.

I would personally love you could help us make this app better. What type of functionality do you wish it had? What commands did you give it that didn’t work? Did it give you wrong answers for stuff? Let us know in the comments below! The only way we can make this better for everyone, is if we get feedback from the community.

As with anything on Amazon, reviews are our lifeblood. Love or hate it, we’d love to see your review on Amazon’s platform. You can do that here:

Chris Cagle


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Chris and his wife started NoCable back in 2015 because they wanted to cut the cord, but there were no resources that provided exactly what they needed.

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