Amazon Video: The Good, the Bad and the Uncertain

In hindsight, deciding to cut the cable cord was one of the best financial decisions that I have ever made...

In hindsight, deciding to cut the cable cord was one of the best financial decisions that I have ever made — the extra money in my pocket at the end of each month has allowed me to pay down my credit card debt and start saving for the future. But, when I made this decision, I had an angsty and restless feeling in my gut. How was I going to get my television fix without having to pay exorbitant prices?

Thankfully, this feeling of uncertainty didn’t too last long. After being gifted a Roku a few years ago, I was introduced to a world of options (and most of those options included no commercials!). I have tried Netflix, Crackle, SlingTV, Hulu, and a ton of other non-cable options, but the one I overlooked ended up being one of my favorites.

I Discovered Amazon Video

As someone who hates to go to the store, I was already an avid user of Amazon, and I had a Prime subscription. I also use Kindle Unlimited to satisfy my binge reading habits. So, I decided that it would not hurt to check out Amazon Video (or Prime Video, in my case) and see what it had to offer. And, trust me, I was not disappointed.

It Can Be Used with a Wide Range of Devices

To take advantage of Amazon Video, you do not need to have a cable television subscription. In fact, you do not even need to have a television. Unlike many of the competitor services on the market, Amazon Video is compatible with a wide variety of devices, including: gaming consoles, FireTV, Roku, and most tablets and phones (as long as you download the Amazon Video app). This last thing is a great plus for me — most of the time, I love to watch my favorites from the comfort of my couch. But, I also tend to get bored and frustrated when I’m traveling long distances. With Amazon Video, this boredom is a thing of the past. Now, I can watch an episode or two of my favorite programs while on the bus, train, or plane with offline viewing.

Accessibility is not the only perk of using Amazon Video.

The Available Content Is Second to None

One of the other great advantages is the wide range of content that I am able to access. There are hundreds of movies available on the site — including Amazon originals — and I can also watch many of my favorite television shows at no additional cost. And for television shows that are not available for free, I am also able to rent or buy episodes, or even full seasons of these shows, all at a reasonable price. For example, I recently bought a full season’s pass for How to Get Away with Murder season three. And I am thinking about catching up with season four soon. This is not the only program that I have bought either — I also bought a season’s pass (which saves money over buying episode by episode) of Insecure, one of my newest can’t miss programs.

Amazon Channels

Interestingly, because Insecure is an HBO program, I would have had another way to watch it using Amazon Video. Instead of paying for the season pass, I could have paid for access to HBO as part of Amazon Video’s Amazon Channels feature. As part of this option, an Amazon Video user can select which channel(s) they would like to purchase—and then, for a fixed monthly price, they will have access to all of that channel’s programming without having to pay a large cable bill. And, surprisingly, the prices are relatively reasonable. HBO costs only $14.99 per month.

The Amazon Channels option is great for people who are dedicated fans of one particular channel or want to be able to pay for only the services and channels that they are using. However, I am sure that this choice could get expensive quickly if someone was purchasing a lot of different channels — I guess it is true what they say about buyer beware.

I Am a Dedicated Fan of Amazon Video

But, despite this small downside, Amazon Video has been an amazing choice for me — allowing me to access all the programs that I really want while simultaneously saving me a significant amount of money.

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