The Best Accessories for the New Apple TV 4K

We break down the best Apple TV 4K Accessories for the upcoming Holiday Season

The new Apple TV 4K is one of the hottest products on the market for movie and television watchers everywhere. There is no need to pay hundreds of dollars for basic and premium cable packages anymore when the Apple TV streams thousands of movies from Netflix, Hulu, and even live sports and news channels. Although all of this great content streams in 4K HDR quality, the experience is even more amazing when their accessories are used while watching.

One of their most basic and best-selling accessories is the Siri Remote which puts the viewer in complete control of the Apple TV. Just like the Siri in the Apple iPhones, the user can use their voice to access and control any of the features. The Siri remote is compatible with any of the 4th generation Apple TV models.

AirPods are one of the newest accessories designed by Apple that will forever change the way users use headphones. When the AirPods are pulled out of the charging case, they instantly connect to the nearest iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. Siri is installed in the AirPods so the audio can be controlled with just the sound of your voice, without having to press any buttons or connect any other accessory. The AirPods battery life is the longest lasting battery than any other Apple product, able to stream audio for more than 24 hours.

Another type of audio streaming accessory is the Beats Studio3 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones. Although much pricier than the AirPods (costing $395.00) these headphones offer a much higher premium listening experience than any other headphone on the market, as well as the most comfortable listening experience with a custom, flexible band and soft buffer to cover the ears, that acts as a high-quality noise cancellation.

If you are looking to attach your new Apple TV 4K to your TV, we recommend buying a TotalMount bracket. It will allow you to hide your Apple TV unit behind the TV, yet still allow it to work through the infrared remote.

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