Cable Companies Attempt to Incentivize Services

Companies like Comcast, Dish, and Sky are still struggling to keep profits up in spite of a loss of subscribers

It’s no secret that cord cutting is making waves in the entertainment industry. The number of those ditching cable for long range HD antennas, online programming, and streaming services has more than tripled over the last few years.

In spite of their desperate grab at solidarity and a piece of the streaming industry, companies like Comcast, Dish, and Sky are still struggling to keep profits up in spite of a loss of subscribers. The concept is simple—people don’t want to pay more for inferior service and bloated pay-TV packages.

This has led many of these cable companies to offer fewer advertisements and skinny bundles at a lower cost. Unfortunately—for them—this hasn’t been enough to win back the majority of their subscribers. Spectrum has recently rolled out their TV/Internet bundle starting at $21.99 per month for ten channels of the viewer’s choice.

If this offer seems too good to be true, it may be. The offer is only good through April 12th, and USA Today notes that the new package, called “Choice TV,” has a steadily increasing price tag.

“After the two-year introductory period, the Choice TV package price rises to $26.99; and $34.99 in year four,” reports Jeff Platsky of USA Today.
This steady rise in pricing seems eerily familiar for those who are already disgruntled with their cable packages. Some suspect that these offers are simply a Trojan horse, designed to make cable companies look better while they continue the same practices that lost them subscribers in the first place.

Anyone who’s ever opened their cable bill with a tiny sense of impending dread understands the appeal that cord cutting really carries. Access to your weekly soap operas, favorite shows, and sports programs shouldn’t rival the cost of your mortgage.

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