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How to Keep Your Kids Safe on Streaming Apps

  October 29, 2018  •  Information  |  Megan Southard

If your kids are anything like mine, the majority of what they watch is through a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime. You can limit the chance that your kids will see inappropriate content by using parental controls within the streaming video services. It’s a little harder to protect them from ads that might display between episodes or in a browser, but you can set up parental controls... Read more

Shudder Gets You Ready for Halloween

  Oct 24, 2018  •  Information
If you were frightened at the prospect of not finding enough horror flicks to keep things spooky this month, you can close... Read more

Watch TV in Spanish after Cutting the Cord

  Sep 17, 2018  •  Information
If you’re looking for Spanish language content on TV, you may be surprised to hear how much is available once you cut the cor... Read more

You Can Still Throw an Epic Tailgate Party after You Cut the Cord

  Sep 6, 2018  •  Information
Are you ready for some football? The College and NFL seasons kick off soon, which means it’s time to strategize the perfe... Read more

Slow Streaming Speeds? What You Can Do for Faster, Safer Home Wi-Fi

  Aug 31, 2018  •  Information
If you recently cut the cord in favor of streaming, you may notice your Wi-Fi struggling to meet demand. The more connected d... Read more

How to Cut the Cord -The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide for 2019

  Jul 18, 2018  •  Information
I get a lot of questions from family and friends about cutting the cord. I’ve even got an ongoing Nextdoor conversation with... Read more

The Complete Cord Cutting Resource List

  Apr 11, 2018  •  Information
If you see a resource that is missing, let us know in the comments section! Cord Cutting - - a blog dedi... Read more

The Most Highly Recommended Apps for Cord Cutters

  Apr 10, 2018  •  Information
With the introduction of the NoCable App, we’ve compiled a list of some of the other helpful apps for cord cutters. A huge... Read more

Introducing the NoCable iOS App

  Apr 1, 2018  •  Information
Get the ultimate Over-the-Air TV companion with NoCable's official iOS app! We’ve developed this app - along with our Alex... Read more

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