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Star Trek: Picard on CBS All Access

  January 29, 2020  •  Original Content  |  Megan Southard

Fans of Star Trek cheered this week when the long-awaited new show Star Trek: Picard launched on CBS All Access. The live-action series stars Patrick Stewart reprising his role as Admiral Jean-Luc Picard. How does the new show fit into the Star Trek universe? Picard was once the Captain of Starfleet’s flagship starship Enterprise in The Next Generation series. Stewart reboots his title char... Read more

The Mandalorian on Disney Plus

  Dec 12, 2019  •  Original Content
It’s got to be intimidating taking on the Star Wars universe in a new live-action series made for Disney Plus. Jon Favreau... Read more

Watch Daybreak on Netflix

  Nov 19, 2019  •  Original Content
Imagine being in high school, where time passes slowly, and everything is either overly dramatic or stupendously boring. Sudd... Read more

New movies and shows on Netflix in November 2019

  Nov 14, 2019  •  Original Content
Netflix is flexing its muscles this month to prove that new streaming competitors like Apple TV + and Disney + are going... Read more

Netflix Brings Raising Dion Comic to Life

  Oct 16, 2019  •  Original Content
Last week, Netflix premiered a sci-fi series called Raising Dion. Based on Dennis Liu’s comic book of the same name, the... Read more

The Dark Crystal: The Awakening is an Homage to the Brilliance of the Original

  Sep 10, 2019  •  Original Content
The new Netflix series is a beautiful homage to Jim Henson’s movie, The Dark Crystal. The ten-episode fantasy series is a pr... Read more

The Boys on Amazon Prime is Amazing In Every Way

  Aug 16, 2019  •  Original Content
Imagine a world where corporate greed surpasses all other motivations and celebrities are unaccountable. In a not so subtle s... Read more

Re-Watch Original Seasons of Veronica Mars on Hulu before Season 4 Lands

  Jun 25, 2019  •  Original Content
Want to catch up on Veronica Mars before the new season drops on Hulu? Don’t drop a chunk of change to buy the previous epi... Read more

The Chernobyl Miniseries on HBO is a Cautionary Tale

  Jun 11, 2019  •  Original Content
HBO recently launched a series called “Chernobyl” which chronicles the events of the 1986 nuclear accident and how a team... Read more

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