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Netflix Original Content: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

  October 30, 2018  •  Original Content  |  Patricia Howard

In an earlier article, we covered the upcoming release of the more “mature” version of “Sabrina: The Teenage Witch.” On Oct. 24, Netflix made good on their promise to resurrect the series with a darker twist. The release of the first season of “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” delivered something slightly unexpected, and a little disappointing.Teenage angst, satanic references, and a 195... Read more

Netflix Original Content: The Haunting of Hill House

  Oct 19, 2018  •  Original Content
If you’re looking for something that’s beyond creepy this season, Netflix’s newest series has it all. Floating bowler hat n... Read more

4 of the Scariest Movies for Cord Cutters this Halloween (2018)

  Oct 5, 2018  •  Original Content
Tis the season—to be terrified! Cutting the cord doesn’t mean sacrificing your favorite horror flicks. Between Netflix, Hu... Read more

Netflix Will Use 'Black Mirror' as a Trial Run for Interactive TV

  Oct 2, 2018  •  Original Content
Netflix was founded on pioneering entertainment technology and innovative new ideas. An article released by Bloomberg on M... Read more

Hulu Original Content: Harlots

  Aug 24, 2018  •  Original Content
Every once in a while, a show comes along that’s so deliciously bad—that it’s good. This is exactly what Hulu’s “Harlots”... Read more

Alyssa Milano’s New Netflix Show Has Fans in an Uproar

  Aug 10, 2018  •  Original Content
Alyssa Milano has been an outspoken member of the #MeToo movement, and an advocate for women of all shapes and sizes from all... Read more

Original Content: Transparent [Amazon Prime Video]

  Jul 10, 2018  •  Original Content
Amazon’s original series, Transparent, was introduced at a time when the US was experiencing some of its most impactful gro... Read more

Netflix Original Content: The Staircase

  Jun 12, 2018  •  Original Content
Calling all armchair detectives and true crime buffs! Netflix has just released a 13-episode docuseries revisiting one of... Read more

Netflix Original Content: The Rain

  Jun 1, 2018  •  Original Content
Most of us aren’t in a hurry to watch foreign films. The dubbing usually isn’t great, and we struggle with unknown faces and... Read more