Cellular One and Vennetics Give New Meaning to “Netflix and CHILL”

The rapid growth of cord cutting has given way to a constant addition of services and entertainment platforms

This week Cellular One and Vennetics joined forces to create an innovative new app dedicated to making the lives of cord cutters exponentially easier. The app, called CHILL, allows consumers to compare pricing for streaming services and content.

The rapid growth of cord cutting has given way to a constant addition of services and entertainment platforms. This has made it difficult for consumers to know exactly what’s available and what they should be paying for it.

A press release in the Phoenix Business Journal describes the mobile app as the “Expedia or Kayak of streaming entertainment.” CHILL consolidates all of the latest information into one searchable treasure trove of cord cutting knowledge.

Judd Hinkle, the CEO of Cellular One, described the inspiration behind the app in a statement earlier this week:

“More consumers are cutting the cord and utilizing web-based video streaming services to watch their favorite shows and movies on demand. The problem is—now there are so many platforms,” Hinkle said. “You have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and the list of video streaming competitors continues to grow. The CHILL app brings them all together.”

The CHILL app is free to both Android and iOS users, allowing them to search for their favorite programs by title, year, cast, director, or price. It’s designed to be a customizable one stop shop for Internet-based entertainment—streamlining the barrage of new services being updated almost daily.

In an article released by BusinessWire, Drew Logsdon, Marketing Manager at Cellular One, points out the growing consumer base for cord cutting and the need for the CHILL app. Logsdon explains, saying—

“Consumers have been eagerly looking for an aggregated service that can bring all of their VoD content into one experience. Working with the team at Vennetics we’ve responded to this consumer need by introducing the groundbreaking Chill VoD App. The Chill VoD App allows users to browse all of the major VoD services simultaneously, with immediate price comparisons ensuring that none of our users ever pay too much for a movie ever again. We’ll even take you directly to the movie or TV show on the content service provider’s App.”

The last year has heralded a shift in developmental focus for major names in TV programming like Time Warner, Disney, and NBC. Almost every major network has released their own version of a streaming service in a bid to retain customers. Only time will tell if this tactic will pay off. In the meantime, CHILL out and enjoy the newest app for the cord cutting community.

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