Disney vs. Netflix: The Streaming Wars

Disney announced they are breaking from Netflix to design their own streaming service

Netflix subscribers everywhere were in shock and disappointment when the news came out about Disney splitting their contract from Netflix to design their very own streaming service called DisneyNow. Which means that all of the recently added blockbuster hits, such as Beauty and the Beast, Finding Dory, Doctor Strange, Moana, Zootopia, The Jungle Book, and Pete’s Dragon, will all be leaving us come fall of 2019. However, that means subscribers will still be able to watch Disney films released this year throughout 2018, so it won’t be an immediate withdrawal.

Although Marvel superhero movies, like Captain America: Civil War, will most likely be leaving with Disney, Marvel superhero television shows, like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, will remain with Netflix. However, when it comes to the Marvel and Star Wars franchise, the decision whether or not to make the move is still up in the air. Chances are Disney will keep them exclusively, but there’s also a chance they could remain to third-party platforms.

Even though it seems that Disney will be the one making the most profits post-breakup, it’s really the underdog applications such as YouTube and Amazon that will be the real winners. This is all due to one thing: simplicity. Individuals subscribed to Amazon for example, will only have to access one app for multiple streaming subscriptions, rather than having two different accounts to two different applications, which can get expensive and time-wasting.

Regardless of it being an additional monthly subscription fee to pay, many users think Disney exclusively having its own streaming service will be well worth it. An average purchase for a Disney DVD runs around $25 dollars per movie, and with well over sixty films to choose from, unlimited streaming will be worth its weight in gold at the end of the month.

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