Does Fixed Wireless Broadband Represent an Oasis to Cord Cutters?

Fixed Wireless Broadband uses microwave technology to send and receive high speed data from a fixed and centralized location.

Just a decade ago, few people could’ve predicted the impact that cord cutting would have on the entertainment industry. Now, even media giants like Disney have been forced to accept the impact that a deviation from traditional cable is having.

As cable prices go up, subscribers go down. People are shedding their cable packages like last year’s fashion and enjoying a growing number of streaming services and online options. This has led to a problem with the prices and availability for high speed internet that can support the cord cutter’s ideal lineup.

This is where fixed wireless broadband comes in. This isn’t a satellite driven wireless form of internet. Instead, it uses microwave technology to send and receive high speed data from a fixed and centralized location.

The “tower” would transmit to antennae attached to surrounding buildings in order to make the internet possible for those living close enough to benefit from it. This tech was initially overlooked as being too limited, but the cord cutting community has begun considering it as a cheaper alternative to inflated internet prices.

As more and more people pull away from pay-TV, cable companies have started to raise the prices of their internet. This has led many to stay with these companies in an effort to take advantage of “bundle deals.” Fixed wireless broadband services are offering an internet service at a fraction of the cost that’s able to support all of the data needed for streaming and online viewing.

This service is available in about half of the states but may be expanding in answer to a nationwide demand. Check for any availability near you and embrace your inner cord cutter.

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