Everything you need to know about Hulu Live TV

Hulu Live TV is an added cost on top of Hulu's regular on-demand service, and is similar to DirecTV Now and Sling

For anyone looking to cut the cord and end their costly — and frequently frustrating — relationship with their cable television provider, look no further than the option of Hulu Live TV. At a cost of only $44.99 per month — which is a fraction of most cable television bills — you can get all of your favorite channels. And for only slightly more, you can also have access to Hulu Live TV’s impressive on-demand library.

Say Goodbye to Confusing Pricing

We all know the frustration of opening our cable bill at the end of the month and seeing a laundry list of ‘mystery’ charges and fees that can double or even triple our bill. You never need to worry about this happening with Hulu Live TV. The service’s fees are straightforward and transparent. With the basic $44.99 package you get 50 great channels of entertainment. And, for only $7.99 per month, you can just access Hulu’s streaming library with a wide range of content, including award-winning Hulu original series. There are also three premium channels that a user can purchase — HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime — all at reasonable prices.

And It Is Not Just Hulu Live TV’s Great Price that Sets It Apart

Hulu Live TV recognizes that most Americans are overwhelmed with electronic gadgets — the newest and greatest advance that quickly ends up forgotten and collecting dust on a shelf in your closet. And Hulu Live TV also understands that people do not want to pay high initial equipment or start-up costs as they are transitioning their services. This is not a concern with Hulu Live TV services. New users can use any of their existing devices, such as Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire and Fire TV stick. Hulu Live TV makes the transition to a new streaming and content service as easy as possible.

Hulu Live TV Channels

Hulu Live TV understands that different members of a family may have very different viewing habits. For the sports fan in the family, there are several channels that allow a fan to stream everything from the World Series to Sunday afternoon NFL. At the same time, Hulu Live TV knows that children have very distinct programming favorites. To satisfy its youngest — and sometimes most fickle — viewers, Hulu Live TV includes several children’s stations, like Disney, Disney Junior, Sprout, and Nickelodeon.

For Hulu Live TV users, there is never a shortage of choices for people across all ages.

Hulu Pricing & Costs

Hulu Live TV is undoubtedly an outstanding alternative to pricey cable television bills (that continue to skyrocket each year) — and it is the right choice for many individuals and families. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind before you decide to cut the dreaded cable cord.

Even though Hulu Live TV works with most devices, there are still some devices that may not be supported — if you have questions about your device being compatible contact the Hulu customer support team. Perhaps even more importantly, you need to have a high speed Internet connection for Hulu Live TV to work. Without that, you will likely find the service extremely frustrating.

Also, at least at the moment, Hulu Live TV only allows viewers to watch content on two screens as part of the $39.99 package. For larger families — particularly those with teenagers who may have televisions in their own rooms — this may not offer enough viewing options. However, you can always purchase the option to see content on an unlimited number of devices within your home.
And finally, it is important to remember that Hulu Live TV is a new service. The Company itself describes it as a ‘beta’ — meaning that some of the kinks and problems are still being worked out of the system. Therefore, if you are an early adopter of this new service, then you may experience some temporary challenges. However, the Hulu Live TV technology team has pledged to work to correct these problems as quickly as possible… In other words, any snafus are likely to be small and temporary.

Take the Plunge with Hulu Live TV

Don’t let any of these challenges dissuade you from considering Hulu Live TV as your family’s route to cutting its expensive cable cord. With its affordable price point, easy-to-use technology, large library of streaming material, and a corporate commitment to providing outstanding service to all new users, Hulu Live TV offers a great alternative to expensive cable television providers. Consider being the first on your block to join this new service.

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