How Popular is Cord Cutting Across the United States?

According to Google Trends, “cord cutting” is 10 times more popular now than it was 10 years ago

Cord cutting has been gaining significant steam over the last few years as Cable and Satellite providers continue to push their subscription prices higher along with the proliferation of so many streaming companies.

We get asked a lot about how pervasive Cord Cutting is across the US from customers, advertisers and news media alike. The answer is a resounding “Very”.

The image above shows a “dot” for every location search done on our site in the last 6 months. Besides the sheer volume – which are over 550,000 individual searches – you can plainly see that cord cutting is happening everywhere in the US. While the East Coast is looks saturated and the Midwest is thin, it actually closely follows the US’s population breakdown.

According to Google Trends, “cord cutting” is 10 times more popular now than it was 10 years ago. Amazingly, this is despite the fact that TV antennas have been in existence for almost 80 years! Two major factors have contributed to this rise in popularity: First is that as Cable and Satellite companies became an essential part of every American household, they got greedy and have increased their prices around 6% a year. Second is that all your local channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, etc) started broadcasting in high definition digital in 2009 (as opposed to static-y analog).

Chances are that even if you have not yet cut the cord, you know someone that has or someone that has never had cable (called a ‘Cord Never’). Now is the time to take the leap and see what a combination of a quality TV antenna plus select streaming packages can save you. The key here is testing before your cable subscription renews. You can easily test out how a TV antenna will work for you before you cut cable. In the long run it is worth it… cutting the cord has saved me well over $1,400 a year.

If you are concerned with not knowing how to install a TV antenna, you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel or look through our FAQs. Installing an antenna is surprisingly easy, you simply just have to be patient with it and try different positions and orientations until you find the best reception.

Chris Cagle


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Chris and his wife started NoCable back in 2015 because they wanted to cut the cord, but there were no resources that provided exactly what they needed.

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