How to Choose the Right OTA DVR for Your Antenna

Cutting the cord is about cutting costs without giving up all of your favorite entertainment options.

Cutting the cord is about cutting costs without giving up all of your favorite entertainment options. Whether you watch the news obsessively, or never miss a football game, there are definitely some areas where streaming services are lacking. For more localized channels, many people use a long-range HD antenna.

While this is a fantastic option for those in the right locations, many cord cutters are starting to enhance their antenna offerings with an OTA DVR. This piece of technology has been around for years, but its popularity has skyrocketed as more and more people break it off with their cable providers. With the right DVR, you can record, pause, and save your favorite OTA content without paying a hefty cable premium.

Exploring Your Options

There are a huge number of OTA DVRs out there, and it’s important to know what you need and want from your viewing experience. First, you’ll need to decide whether you want a network streamer OTA DVR that plugs into your home’s Wi-Fi network, or a dedicated box that hooks directly into your TV. Both have their advantages, and it’s really dependent on personal preferences. If you like to watch your favorite shows from different TVs in your home, then the network streamer may be your best option. This also allows for internal upgrades and better connectivity to certain streaming providers.

Consider all of the Available Features

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast who loves extra features, or a minimalist who needs to keep it simple, there’s an OTA DVR that will work for you. Some of the more common features to consider include:

  • Available storage space of 1 terabyte or more, allowing for close to a week’s worth of shows to be stored at once,
  • The ability to multi-task, which requires at least two HD tuners included in the OTA DVR,
  • The option to upgrade the storage space using different types of hardware, and
  • No recurring service or contractual fees.

Make sure that you aren’t jumping from a cable contract into another sneaky monthly bill, and do your homework before committing to anything.

The Most Recommended DVRs of 2018

A higher-end OTA DVR like the Amazon Fire TV Recast can cost more than $200; but is definitely worth the price for dedicated cord cutters. Other highly recommended OTA DVRs include:

With a little bit of research and the right streaming services, you can build a truly unique entertainment experience that’s customized for your needs.

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