How to Find the Best Price on Disney Plus

If you haven’t signed up for the Disney Plus streaming service yet, there are still some deals available

If you haven’t signed up for Disney Plus yet, there are still some deals available. Initial reports on social media give the House of Mouse a thumbs up for content and mixed reviews on the stability of the service.

Cost of Disney Plus service

New subscribers can get a decent discount by committing to a year of service for $69.99/year. That discounts your monthly price from $6.99/month to only $5.83 monthly after a one-week free trial. Verizon is offering a free year of service to some customers with specific wireless and home internet plans.

The best deal for cordcutters who want Disney Plus is to bundle it with other streaming services to get a complete entertainment solution. The entertainment giant offers a bundle that packages Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN+ in one subscription for only $12.99/month. That’s the same price as the basic tier of Netflix service and a savings of $4.98 per month compared to subscribing to each membership separately.

New subscribers exceeded expectations

There’s no question that Disney Plus was a hit as it launched on Tuesday of this week. Although many thought it would take the new streaming network a year to amass 10 million viewers, the entertainment giant says it exceeded that number of signups on the first day of service. As a comparison, Netflix has about 158 million subscribers.

Disney Plus launch had some glitches

Of course, that kind of unexpected success put a bit of strain on the systems. New subscribers reported significant opening day access delays, unavailable content, and long customer service hold times. Experts say that the bottleneck was that Disney Plus authentication services couldn’t keep up with demand. If true, the launch day demand is unlikely to repeat in the life of the service.

Get the best deal on Disney Plus

Cordcutters will get the best value by bundling subscriptions for several popular services. If you only want Disney Plus and pass on the other services, save yourself a few bucks by committing to a full year of service. The reports from new subscribers indicate you won’t be disappointed with the content.

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