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How to Stream World Series Without Cable

This year, fans are hyped to see the Los Angeles Dodgers returning to the World Series to play against The Houston Astros

The World Series is one of the most watched televised events in America. This year, fans are hyped to see the Los Angeles Dodgers returning to the World Series (first time since 1988) to play against The Houston Astros. Game one starts on Tuesday, October 24th in Los Angeles, then again on Wednesday, October 25th. After the first two games, the World Series will continue in Houston for the next five competitions, in the best-of-seven series event. However, there are thousands of baseball fans that are without cable and need to find another way to watch the Fox-broadcasted game. Fortunately, there are several options available.

Hulu and YouTube TV offer viewers to watch local, live feeds which includes Fox. Hulu Live TV costs $40 a month, while YouTube TV is priced at $35, with both offering a 30-day free trial. Viewers will need to double check with both streaming services to make sure that the live channels are available in their area.

PlayStation has come quite far throughout the years, from more than just a video game console. PlayStation Vue offers live streaming nationwide, with most of the channels offered through cable, without the contract or even a PlayStation. They offer Fox, but similar to Hulu and YouTube TV, it would be best to try out their free trial first to make sure that the World Series is streaming in your area. Vue works on PlayStations, iPhones, iPads, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV, but is not available for Android devices or the Apple TV.

The cheapest option available would be through Sling TV, which is only $20 a month.

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