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Hulu Purchases Rights for Two Hit Television Shows

Hulu bought rights to This is Us and new and old episodes of Will and Grace

Despite Netflix making an offer for more than a million dollars to obtain the rights for This is Us reruns, Hulu recently beat out the competition for not only This is Us, but new and old episodes of Will and Grace. Both Emmy-winning television shows are now fully streaming on Hulu for fans to enjoy binge watching reruns all Fall and Winter long. This comes at perfect timing seeing as both hit shows just premiered their new seasons on NBC.

Will and Grace originally ended in 2006, after a solid run of eight years of keeping fans hooked. Fans of Will and Grace will be delighted to know that Hulu is not only streaming all original 194 episodes, but new episodes the night after they air on television. Even a second season has already been announced with thirteen additional episodes, which will include all four original characters: Will (Eric McCormack), Grace (Debra Messing), Jack (Sean Hayes), and fan fave Karen (Megan Mullaly).

This is Us is a fairly new show to be added to NBC’s original favorites, but has proven its success after the strong number of viewers (15.3 million averaged) after season one premiered in 2016. “With its authentic and emotional storytelling, ‘This Is Us’ has transcended the modern broadcast television drama,” said Craig Erwich, Hulu’s senior VP and head of content. “It’s a show that clearly resonates with our viewers, and we are very happy that Hulu is its exclusive subscription video on demand home.”

The planned budget for obtaining new streaming rights in 2017 has been reported to be around $2.5 billion dollars. Hulu is actively trying to achieve rights to add the broadcast comedy series The Golden Girls next.

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