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We don't think that launching significantly later than other streaming services will hurt Peacock’s success potential

NBCUniversal unveiled the newly named streaming service Peacock on September 17th. Although the name is an homage to the network’s iconic logo rather than a suggestive sledgehammer like Katy Perry’s 2010 song, the entertainment company still received some feedback about the name choice. As one of the last to enter the crowded streaming market in April 2020, behind established companies like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, CBS All Access and newcomers Apple TV+ and Disney +, Peacock has a lot of ground to make up.

Content is key

Launching later than other streaming services won’t necessarily hamstring Peacock’s success. The new service comes off the starting line with 15,000 hours of programming. Viewers can also stream every season of The Office, Parks and Recreation, and 44 past seasons of Saturday Night Live will be available to stream.

Subscribers look forward to exclusive reboots of nostalgic hits Battlestar Galactica, Punky Brewster, and Saved by the Bell. The service launches in April 2020, but the original and exclusive programming will roll out in a week by week format rather than dropping entire seasons at once.

Sports and news coverage will boost viewership

While other studios invested more in original scripted programming, Peacock has the advantage of ample news and sports programming, and is expected to offer live programming. NBC also retains the broadcast rights to the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics. The sheer number of eyeballs on the games should prove valuable for subscription promotions.

Access to Comcast gives Peacock an advantage

Peacock is expected to leverage the Comcast subscriber base of the combined parent company by offering an ad-supported version free to cable customers. With Comcast’s 20 million U.S. subscribers as a foundation, the new service will benefit from cable customers and cordcutters.

Joining late might not hurt momentum

Entering a crowded streaming market in April 2020 puts the newly announced Peacock streaming service behind the majority of the pack. With a built-in subscriber base of 20 million and lots of exclusive sports and news programming, the company is betting that it won’t be left behind. No pricing strategy has been announced yet.

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