Is Amazon’s Newest DVR a Potential Flop?

The Recast is designed to allow you to stream, record, and enjoy your favorite shows on any Amazon compatible device without additional fees

There are times when a company becomes so accustomed to success that it gets a little overconfident. This may be the case with Amazon’s newest DVR offering that was met with little enthusiasm after being announced last Thursday. The OTA DVR dubbed the “Fire TV Recast” was designed to stream content straight from your antenna to your Fire TV, Echo Show, iOs, and Android… and that’s it.

With all of the technological innovations hitting the cord cutting community, the Fire TV Recast may fall flat of consumer expectations. With a $225+ price tag and minimal features, there’s much to be desired from Amazon’s newest offering. On the upside, the Recast promises enough built-in storage for 75 hours of programming. This is built directly into the mechanism, and means that you don’t have to pay for storage elsewhere.

Along with the increased capacity, the Recast is also designed to allow you to stream, record, and enjoy your favorite shows on any Amazon compatible device without additional fees. This is essentially a bridge between you and all of your favorite content offered by Amazon. The device also works well with Alexa, and can be controlled using any vocal command that works with the system.

Amazon is banking on that level of connectivity to make the Fire TV Recast appealing to consumers even with its top-tier pricing. The jury is still largely out on whether or not this device is going to be hit with consumers. It requires the help of a compatible HD antenna and a streaming device capable of handling Amazon’s content. Whether you’re a fan of the OTA DVR or not, this is definitely an indicator of things to come. The more interest the cord cutting generates, the more devices and compatible programming we’ll see made available to people who have decided to reclaim their independence from cable.

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