Just How Accurate Was Narcos?

Narcos, an extremely popular Netflix Original, follows Steve Murphy as he attempts to put an end to the Colombian drug trade in the 70’s

Narcos, an extremely popular Netflix Original, follows the increasingly dark adventures of a young DEA agent named Steve Murphy as he attempts to put an end to the Columbian drug trade in the 1970’s. The show takes place from Murphy’s perspective, and has been one of the most popular releases by Netflix to date.

One thing seems to be on the mind of fans though—just how accurate is Narcos compared to the real life and times of the Colombian kingpins?

Boyd Holbrook, who plays Murphy in the show, actually took direction from the real Murphy—creating what many claim to be an excellent interpretation of true events. Yes, directors and actors always take a few dramatic liberties. But—this is a show that gives one of the most truthfully gruesome accounts outside of an actual documentary.

The show itself incorporates several people who were involved in the investigation into smaller supporting roles. Boyd and Pedro Pascal (playing Javier Pena) went and spent a week training at the DEA academy in order to prepare for their roles.

In an interview with Collider.com, Holbrook described his initial struggle with meeting the real Steve Murphy—

“I was on the fence about whether I should meet Steve before, or just not meet him at all, but I met him and became close with his family. He’s adopted two little girls from Colombia, which shows you the kind of guy he is. He came down to the set and that’s when I realized that I forgot I was playing this person.”

If you’re in the market for an original show that delivers action, romance, and plenty of strange bedfellows, Narcos is a fantastically accurate depiction of the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar.

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