Millions of Dish Customers Losing Access to CBS

Nearly 4 million Dish Network subscribers in 18 cities are impacted

Nearly 4 million Dish Network subscribers in 18 cities have (hopefully temporarily) lost access to their local CBS television station — just a day before Thanksgiving, when many Americans want to relax with family, eat until they are full and watch NFL football.

This Dish/CBS blackout comes amid a contentious fee dispute between satellite TV provider Dish Network and CBS Corp., which owns the television impacted stations. Customers in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Miami, San Francisco, Denver, Baltimore, Sacramento, Pittsburgh and other markets also were hit by the blackout. This blackout also included three CBS cable channels: CBS Sports Network, Smithsonian Channel and Pop.

CBS said earlier today it has tried for months to close a distribution deal with Dish, with little progress.

“Since 2013, Dish has dropped the signals of 29 different companies, representing nearly 400 television stations, clearly indicating that these tactics are commonplace for them,” CBS said in a statement tonight. “This particular dispute is yet another example of the company punishing its subscribers instead of negotiating a fair carriage deal that reflects the current marketplace.”

It should be noted that cord cutters and those that have decided to stay away from pay-Cable TV providers will never have this problem. Now or in the future.

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