Netflix has a New Hit with ‘Dumplin’ Set to Dolly Parton’s Music

Netflix’s Dec. 7 release of “Dumplin” has led to a surprising hit for the streaming service

Netflix’s Dec. 7 release of “Dumplin” has led to a surprising hit for the streaming service, inspiring everything from soundtracks to movie memorabilia. The movie is centered around Willowdean Dickson (played by Danielle McDonald), a plus-sized teenager who’s battling her mother’s beauty queen reputation in a small town. Her mother Rosie (Jennifer Aniston) is less than accepting of her daughter, and makes no secret of her disdain.

After years of feeling inadequate, Willowdean decides to join the pageant being organized by her mother, in an act of open rebellion. Critics have responded with surprising praise across the board, garnering very little negative feedback. It helps that the soundtrack is provided by the legendary Dolly Parton, and has fans from both the movie and music industries clamoring for more.

This is a prime example of big names and fresh concepts being touted by Netflix as they prepare themselves to outmaneuver the loss of licensed content. “Dumplin” is an interesting choice after the release of “Insatiable,” an original series that reflected a darker side to the same coin. The newest offering pushes body positivity, and sends out the message that not everyone needs to change to feel good about themselves.

“Dumplin” is making headlines across the entertainment industry, and subscribers are showing a renewed interest in what might be coming out next. This has led to rumors of a possible spin-off in the future, and this might prove to be a smart move for Netflix.

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