Netflix Takes the Plunge—Buys Albuquerque Production Studio

Original content has become the backbone of the streaming industry, and Netflix just took it to a whole new level

Netflix has long been known for their dedication to producing high-end content for subscribers of their streaming service. On Monday, the streaming giant announced that they had entered the final stages of purchasing ABQ studios in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is the first purchase of its kind by Netflix, and will give their original content a place to call home.

Original content has become the backbone of the streaming industry. It’s what sets different companies apart and gives them a unique offering, separate from their competitors. Netflix has already invested billions of dollars in creating “cinema grade” movies and series available only on their platform. Having full-run of a studio will allow them to cut out the middle man, so to speak, and to increase their creative control. Netflix is known for giving big names in entertainment a lot of leeway when it comes to their projects; which has allowed them to lure top producers, directors, and talent away from more conservative network contracts.

Netflix is currently filming two original dramas in New Mexico titled “Messiah” and Chambers,” which will both be completed at the new studio facilities. “Daybreak,” another original production, will be filmed there at a later date as well. The project promises to bring over 1,000 jobs per year to the area, and over a $1-billion in production revenue over the next decade. State and local government officials in Albuquerque are excited at the economic prospect, and have agreed to pledge around $14.5-million to help fund the project.

The ushers in a new era of production capabilities for Netflix. Netflix subscribers can expect to see the quality and frequency of original content continue to rise as the company makes the most of their own studio resources.

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