Netflix Will Use ‘Black Mirror’ as a Trial Run for Interactive TV

Netflix plans on releasing their first interactive TV experience before the end of the year with the series Black Mirror

Netflix was founded on pioneering entertainment technology and innovative new ideas. An article released by Bloomberg on Monday indicates that the streaming giant is at it again. The source, who asked not to be identified, told Bloomberg that Netflix plans on releasing their first interactive TV experience before the end of the year.

Likened to the “Choose Your Own Adventure” concept popular with children’s books, interactive TV allows the viewer to choose the direction of the storyline. Netflix has chosen the popular series “Black Mirror” as a springboard for the concept, and many find this appropriate due to the nature of the show. Each episode is a stand-alone story that explores technological nightmares and dystopian themes. Think of it as a high-tech version of the Twilight Zone that plays to some of humanities greatest fears. Subscribers will get the chance to manipulate the outcome of one episode of “Black Mirror” in an initial trial run.

This isn’t the first time that a network has tried to entice viewers with the concept of an interactive experience. Previous attempts have met with poor results, making it difficult to predict the market response this time around. Netflix is banking on new technology and faster wireless speeds to bridge the gap.

The unnamed source also indicated that Netflix has committed to one other interactive project and the production of at least two new shows based on popular video games. While the company doesn’t have any plans to start rolling out video games of their own, their foray into interactive programming might be the next step into the future of entertainment.

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