NoCable joins the FlexVU coalition to promote cord cutting

FlexVU is a technology branding initiative formed by a coalition of prominent companies committed to producing best-in-class products, services, and solutions

More television viewers are abandoning cable and satellite subscriptions every day for lower prices. Taking control of their entertainment content with all of the choices, options, and decisions can quickly become complex. NoCable has been a one-stop shop dedicated to helping cord-cutters start the adventure and save a few bucks since 2015. To further their commitment to helping those overwhelmed by the cord cutting technology choices, NoCable is joining FlexVU, a group of top cord cutting product makers that have formed a coalition to better help consumers choose products, services, and ecosystem solutions.

NoCable is the most popular cord cutting website on the internet

NoCable is the leading online resource for everything related to cutting the Cable TV cord. It’s a leading resource for cord-cutters, providing tools, advice, resources, recommendations, and reviews since 2015. The site has been covered extensively by publications like HuffPost, Yahoo, SeekingAlpha, Billcutterz and Newsweek.

Industry pundits expect a surge in cord-cutting as local broadcasters finish tower upgrades to deploy the newest broadcast TV standard, known as NextGenTV, in 2019. This new format, similar to the analog to digital transition made in 2009, updates all over the air broadcasts to Ultra High Def with other advanced features. NoCable plans to publish high-quality resources and information to support the increased inquiries caused by the broadcast upgrades.

FlexVU Partners

FlexVU is a technology branding initiative formed by a coalition of prominent companies committed to producing best-in-class products, services, and solutions for video entertainment. Each partner contributes unique expertise in areas such as content services, TV tuners, transcoders, software, antennas, and digital video recording. The FlexVU partners consist of the market leaders in the respective areas of video display, delivery, and entertainment content.

Each of the partners involved in the FlexVU initiative contributes unique offerings. Collectively, they provide best-in-class products, services, and ecosystem solutions. The shared branding initiative makes the partners stronger and ensures consumers they’re getting the best solution available.

The FlexVU coalition includes Antennas Direct, Inc., Hauppauge, Inc., Nuvyyo, Inc., Pixelworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: PXLW), Plex GmbH, Resonian, Inc., Shenzhen Geniatech Inc., Ltd. and

NoCable joins the FlexVU coalition

NoCable joins the group of innovative companies committed to making it simpler for consumers to select high-performance cord-cutting solutions. The education effort will help consumers optimize their video entertainment experience by identifying the best performing cord-cutting solutions on the market.

“FlexVU’s mission to provide consumers with the tools and resources to make intelligent purchase decisions about cord cutting products is greatly enhanced by joining the FlexVU coalition,” says Mark Vena, Senior Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy. “ itself has been a terrific repository for cord cutting information for years, and its association with FlexVU will be mutually beneficial.”

Chris Cable, the founder of NoCable, said he is honored to be part of the highly successful group of innovators. “NoCable has been part of the cord cutting community since the beginning, and we’re excited to help more viewers embrace the freedom and savings that comes with cutting the cable TV cord.”

FlexVU helps consumers make intelligent, informed decisions

FlexVU’s objective is to promote increased awareness as well as empower consumers with the knowledge and confidence to consume video content on their own terms. In other words, consumers who frequent the FlexVU Web site will make better, more informed decisions on how to “cut the cord” the right way to maximize their video entertainment experience.

The coalition members collaborated to create best-in-class equipment to deliver a premium video experience. FlexVU-compliant solutions simplify cord cutting for consumers to deliver free local broadcast TV, while simultaneously ensuring robust functionality and the highest video quality.
This collaboration effort simplifies and enhances over-the-air (OTA) and over-the-top (OTT) video experiences and establishes a recognized and industry-supported brand.

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The FlexVU consortium has created a dedicated Web site to help consumers decide which products to consider when building their optimized video entertainment experience. The site features resources for products and procedures. There are also links to powerful tools like NoCable’s Channel Finder, where you can input your zip code to what local TV broadcast channels reach your home, and see testimonial videos from FlexVU partners.
FlexVU helps you optimize these key elements for a complete cord cutting solution.

  • ANTENNA: a single high-quality TV antenna delivers the best performance and reliability at an affordable price. These antennas are available for use in the home, office and recreational applications — and many of which can be easily installed either on or near a window.
  • TV TUNER: allows HD broadcast television signals to be received for both real-time viewings as well as for the recording of television content on various storage devices and solutions. Devices with a single TV tuner allow a consumer to watch a single OTA program; however, many FlexVU solutions incorporate more than one TV tuner to allow multiple different channels to be viewed at the same time and on different devices.
  • TRANSCODER: optimizes over-the-air (OTA) video for seamless delivery to popular media devices. As a key element incorporated into FlexVU solutions, the transcoder compresses the video so it can be efficiently transmitted and viewed inside the home (or anywhere in the world) without sacrificing video quality. Transcoding also extends the battery life of mobile devices by utilizing less data than is required by non-transcoded video.
  • SOFTWARE: provides critical user interfaces that are intuitive and easy to view on any device, and includes the integration of OTA channels into a familiar, linear guide for seamless browsing of local broadcast TV alongside other media content. In some cases, local OTA channels can be combined with popular OTT streaming services in a single application, preventing the need to alternate frequently between video inputs.
  • DVR: enables real-time capture and pre-scheduled recording of OTA television content using either a local storage device (USB drive) or cloud-based storage solution. DVR support is one of the most important requirements for consumers that cut the cord, and because FlexVU solutions are equipped with transcoder technology these recorded programs can be watched on nearly any connected TV or display device, both inside or outside the home.

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