Nothing Says “Christmas” Like Streaming Your Hallmark Favorites

To the delight of cord cutters everywhere, Hallmark has released their very own streaming service called "Hallmark Movies Now"

There’s something warmly familiar about settling in on a cold Winter’s day with a cup of something hot and your favorite Hallmark movies. The feel good themes combined with an infinite number of happy endings make these movies a “hallmark” of the holiday season.

To the delight of cord cutters everywhere, Hallmark has released their very own streaming service called “Hallmark Movies Now.” Interested? According to Crown Media, so are over 500,000 other people who have become active subscribers of the service. This marks a 93% increase in viewers and an 11% increase in subscribers recorded since this time last year.

A statement made by Bill Abbott, the president and CEO of [Crown Media Networks](), explained the service’s success, saying:

“The incredible growth of Hallmark Movies Now since its launch in October 2017 demonstrates the broad appeal of our quality programming and reinforces Crown Media’s position as a leading creator of high demand content.” Abbott continued, stating, “As the industry and our business continue to evolve, we look forward to delivering Hallmark-branded entertainment to our passionate fans across all our platforms.”

If you’re the type of person who enjoys family friendly flicks at a great cost, you can try Hallmark Movies Now for 7-days free. After that, you’ll have the choice of one annual payment at $4.99/month or a monthly renewal of $5.99/month.

Whether you want to binge watch a stream of warm and fuzzy Hallmark moments, or you’re still looking for the perfect gift, the Hallmark Movies Now subscription might be exactly what you’re looking for!

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