October is the Best Month for Horror and Suspense Fans

If you’re a fan of spooky films and get excited about creepy television series, there’s no better month to stream your favorite movies and shows than October.

If you’re a fan of spooky films and get excited about creepy television series, there’s no better month to stream your favorite movies and shows than October. With October 1st lurking around the corner, it’s time to hunker down and prepare to be scared! Grab this guide and head to your streaming device for your fill of the scariest, most suspenseful, and horrifying movies and television of the year.

Netflix and Chills

The streaming giant never lets you down when it comes to the most original and classic programming. Netflix also gets the scary stuff started earlier than other channels. You can also binge on hours of popular horror flicks and series, and let the little ghouls and monsters celebrate with kid-friendly titles.

Beginning September 13th and running through the end of October, Netflix serves up 15 new original scary movies and TV shows every week leading up to Halloween. At press time, these hadn’t launched, but based on their trailers and previews, here are a few that look promising.

In the Shadow of the Moon is a Netflix original that premiered on September 27th. The story follows a Philadelphia police officer who begins tracking a mysterious serial killer. As the crimes begin to defy explanation, the officer’s obsession with the case threatens to destroy his family, career, and sanity.

Season 2 of Haunted debuts on October 11th. The Netflix original lets viewers behind the scenes of real-life terror. Dramatic re-enactments of real-life run-ins with demons, ghosts, and more.

Eli premieres on Netflix on October 18th. When a doctor promises experimental medical treatments can save the gravely ill title character, it sounds like a dream come true. Eli soon realizes that the doctor has questionable motives when he becomes plagued by nightmarish experiences. The Netflix original movie is a twist on the “be careful what you wish for” fable.

The Netflix original movie, Daybreak, is banking on the longstanding popularity of tongue in cheek zombie movies. High school and the search for love continues even after the world as we know it ends. With roaming bands of gangs and zombies, it’s harder navigating high school than ever before.

Netflix viewers who prefer more traditional slasher flicks and psychological thrillers can find a broad assortment on the streaming service as well. Catch Along Came a Spider, House of the Witch, Scream 2, Revenge of Pontianak, Assimilate, Prank Encounters, and a lot more.

Introduce your kids to the fun of Halloween without scaring them. There are plenty of kid-friendly titles like The Spooky Tale of Captain Underpants Hack-a-wee that aren’t too scary for the little ones to enjoy. Super Monsters: Season 3 is about learning new skills at preschool and is good for even timid children. The show also debuts Super Monsters: Vida’s First Halloween as a special. For older, braver kids, let them get a taste of classic psychological thrills while watching Creeped Out: Season 2. The episodic series explores the unexplained with a masked character that might unnerve smaller children.


If you thought Hulu focused on more television than movies, it’s time to check your watch lists. The content team has gone all out beefing up the Horror library for October, even creating a horror-specific genre subcategory that makes the titles easy to find. Navigate to it from the main screen by choosing Browse>Genre>Horror.

If you haven’t seen the first ten episodes of Stephen King’s and J.J. Abrams’ Hulu original Castle Rock, it’s time to catch up. The second season drops on October 23rd and promises more paranormal and supernatural mayhem for the small Maine mill town.

Subscribers will love horror classics like A Quiet Place, The Clovehitch Killer, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the Evil Dead, Se7en, The Canal, Hellraiser, and Rosemary’s Baby. Or, take a nostalgic trip back to enjoy the original seasons of The Outer Limits. Make party setup simple with Haunted Screens, a ghostly, ghastly, party background featuring the spookiest of videos.

If scary movies aren’t your thing, convince your mates to watch An American Werewolf in London or the Monster Squad instead. It’s hard to go wrong with any of your choices on in October. After all, it’s Huluween.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime members have a lot of options for October. Stream classic horror movies like Stephen King’s Children of the Corn, The Amityville Horror. Watch the notorious Jigsaw killer in the eighth installment of the popular franchise or start watching the Chucky saga from the first movie, Child’s Play.

Reality fans will like the real-life story of When The Walls Talk: The Whispers Estate Documentary which contains chilling testimonies from the homeowner and staff about the paranormal haunting of the house in Indiana.

Suspiria is an Amazon original about a world-renowned dance company that might be a witch coven. As darkness swirls around the troupe, some succumb to the nightmare and others finally wake up.

If you haven’t seen Heritage, you’re missing out on a shocker. Reminiscent of The Shining, Toni Collette’s performance is masterful; many critics named this the best horror flick of 2018.

Scary movies can also be family-friendly when they’re a bit campy and don’t take themselves too seriously. Eight Legged Freaks is the story of a mining engineer who returns home to find his town overrun by giant spiders. The twenty-year-old film features CGI that is so ancient kids don’t have trouble seeing through it and can enjoy the action.

FearFest on AMC

Pro Tip: You can get AMC on Sling, which is running a 40% off deal right now.

You’ll be able to hear your heartbeat in your chest with AMC’s collection of horror and suspense movies. Sink your teeth into the classic channel’s 23rd annual marathon of scary movies.

The marathon of 104 classic flicks on live TV starts on October 13th at 10:00 Eastern and promises to scare you for nineteen days straight. Classic horror fans can stream the screams on amc.com and the AMC apps for iOS and Android all month long. Stream a few fan favorites on your handheld or streaming device starting October 1st.

Viewers can watch all five installments of the Alien franchise, four films of the Final Destination series, and all nine movies from Friday the 13th collection. Fans of Stephen King can re-watch The Dead Zone, Pet Sematary, Carrie, Cujo, Christine, Misery, Stand By Me, and The Shining. With at least 104 titles in the marathon, you’ll be able to enjoy streaming scary favorites all month long.

Stream and scream

October brings joy to the loudly beating hearts of horror fans. So grab some popcorn and get ready to stream and scream all month long. October has the scariest, most suspenseful, and horrifying movies and television of the year, so don’t miss a minute.

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