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Original Content: Orange is the New Black [Netflix]

Orange is the New Black has been nominated for over a hundred awards, including six Golden Globes

When thinking of a new show to binge watch, many people would’ve passed at the sound of a show centered around a bunch of female inmates. However, now when someone mentions a female inmate, mostly everyone thinks of the Netflix Original show, Orange is the new Black. The show became an unlikely, instant hit July of 2013 with the release of the entire first season, making it one of the top binge-worthy shows of all time. OITNB has been nominated for over a hundred awards, including six Golden Globes.

When we’re introduced to the main character Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) she seems to be a positive, law abiding, strictly organic woman who is trying to break into her own homemade soap business. She lives with her sweetheart boyfriend Larry (Jason Biggs) who supports her everything from raw diets to then her prison sentence, for a crime committed over ten years ago. Although she has changed for the better, her past has caught up with her and she is sentenced to a year and a half in prison. We watch her change (or revert back to her old self) with her interactions and connections with the other female prisoners, with performances by Laura Prepon as Alex Vause, Natasha Lyonne as Nicky, Uzo Aduba as Crazy Eyes, and Laverne Cox as fan favorite, Sophia.

Between the writing and the quality of performances, it’s easy to see why the show took off. We’re not only intrigued with Piper’s new journey, but with all of the extra side and back stories that are added in.

The show has been renewed for two more seasons, with six season premiering July of 2018.

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