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Original Content: Sneaky Pete [Amazon]

Amazon just announced a second season for Sneaky Pete, which will be released early 2018

Two years after the hit AMC show Breaking Bad aired its final season, main star Bryan Cranston returned to the small screen, this time as antagonist Vince Lonigan on Amazon Prime Video’s hottest new crime drama, Sneaky Pete. Cranston not only stars on the show, but is the co-creator alongside of David Shore (House).

Sneaky Pete follows Giovanni Ribisi (Lost in Translation) whose real name is Marius Josipovic, but he has taken the name of Pete Murphy in order to start fresh when released from prison. The real Pete Murphy was his former cellmate (played by 90’s heartthrob, Ethan Embry) who unknowingly gave away details of his family through childhood stories, most importantly the fact that his grandparents live in upstate New York and are filthy rich. The fact that they haven’t seen Pete in twenty years plants the idea in Marius’s head of getting out and tricking them into thinking he’s the real Pete. It seems like a brilliant plan, but throughout the episodes he realizes that it’s a lot more complicated than he ever could have imagined, especially when he meets Pete’s grandparents and discovers they aren’t wealthy.

The plotline for this series is a creative and new one, which is like a breath of fresh air in a world full of remakes and sequels, and the cast delivers a realistic and intriguing performance, especially by main star Giovanni Ribisi, who has proven himself a quality, versatile actor throughout his career. The chemistry and relationships between all of the characters never gets dull, and makes you wish for more backstories and in-depth looks at each individual character.

Amazon just announced a second season for Sneaky Pete, which will be released early 2018.

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